We've been working with Xero for a number of years now and we think it's fantastic. For most (normal) people, an accounting system isn't something to get excited about. In fact, the whole financial side of business is often a chore and frequently a nightmare, but we all know that it's also critically important. For many small businesses, being out of touch with the finances is distracting and stressful and can be very risky. That's where Xero comes in....

BLOG: Why we love Xero

The killer feature is the user interface. It's simple, attractive and intuitive enough for anyone to use. There are a number of alternative systems that can offer the same benefits and functionality, but they're generally pretty inaccessible and designed for use by accountants (instead of the aforementioned normal people).

Xero can take an automatic feed from your online banking system, so that your balances are up to date every day. Instead of you filling in a spreadsheet to tell your accountant what each transaction was, Xero will automatically match the lines it recognises (like an invoice that's been paid) and you can rapidly identify the rest. Bookkeeping done.

Here's the other thing... While there's no substitute for a qualified set of eyes checking over your accounts; it seems obvious that giving your accountant a pile of random receipts to make sense of will cost you considerably more than handing over a draft set of accounts, produced by Xero at the push of a button!

Putting Xero in place for your business allows you to be on top of your finances with ease. We believe it can become as natural as online banking. And all this allows you to be thinking about your sales pipeline rather than stressing about how much your next VAT return might be. It could even end up paying for itself...

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James Lizars