Accountants are uniquely placed to be of value to their clients. However for many small businesses the annual relationship they have with their traditional, overworked accountant is little more than an overhead for filing returns and managing tax - and a dedicated finance team led by their own FD is a distant prospect. 

Thrive exists to provide a better solution. 

With years of FD experience gained on the inside of creative and technology businesses, we understand the unique challenges that face small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

We work alongside our clients year round to help them achieve their goals – we’re their wingman.

Using smart technologies like Xero, we make sure the hygiene factors of tax and compliance just happen, quietly and flawlessly in the background. Meanwhile, we apply our experience and enthusiasm to whatever our clients are really hoping to achieve.

Whatever the focus; whether it's growth, investment, exit or just an easier life… 

We help our clients Thrive.

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Thrive is the trading name of Thriveworks Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales; Registration Number 10313890, Registered Address Unit 26 Bulrushes Business Park, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 4AS